Kate - Vocals

Kate was lead vocalist in a Bristol based Beatles tribute band until she joined NWO in early 2018 to stay closer to home. She enjoys jamming with other muso friends for fun as well as studio/recording work too.

Kate plays a few musical instruments and is teaching herself the guitar and ukulele at the moment, but singing her heart out is really where she's happiest.

She into all kinds of music from soul to country and bluegrass to pop and will don one of her massive collection of weird & wonderful hats at any and every opportunity. You've been warned.....

Kate uses a Sontronics Solo mic and TC Helicon Voiceplay Live

Kate will have a cheeky Pinot please ...

Lee - Drums

Lee's been playing drums for over 30 years starting in jazz bands at school when taking lessons from the age of 13. 

Influential musicians are probably too many to mention here. Suffice to say, he loves playing all types of music but has a passion for Rock with a dash of prog.

Lee has owned way too many kits but currently plays a Sonor 3005 full maple sizes 8", 10",12", 14",16",22" with a matching snare all in a lacquered sunburst. Lee also plays a tama silverstar full birch in vintage burgundy sparkle sizes are 10",12",16",22" with a sonor 2005 birch snare. Cymbals are various from sabian, paiste and zildjan. Hardware is varied, tama, Gibraltar, mapex, natal and premier. Electronics are alesis and korg.

Lee will have a Peroni please...

Dave - Guitar

Dave first got interested in guitar as a kid when for no reason an acoustic guitar appeared in the house but didn't get hooked until round 15 and then bought an old bass for a few quid. A few years later and he swaps back to guitar and has been with it since. He's played Reggae with The Sons of Albion, pop covers with This Way Up and all sorts of Blues with Animal House and The Blues Boys.

Dave uses Reverend Jetstream, Rees Stratalike and Godin LG guitars.     

For amps he uses a Friedman Runt 20 with Palmer 1x12 Cab, Cornell Romany Pro or a Vox AC30 

At his feet -  AMT Japanese Girl Wah - T-Rex Mudhoney OD/Distortion - Danelectro 3699 Fuzz - Wampler Mini Ego Compressor - T-Rex Roommate reverb - Providence Anadime Chorus - EHX Synth9 - Empress Tape Delay -  T-Rex Tunemaster - MXR Booster Mini . All fixed to a T-Rex Pedal Board with DC from a T-Rex Fuel Tank Goliath power supply strapped out of the way underneath with a Line6 Relay G30 wireless system. Oh, and George 'L jacks and cable mostly.

Dave will have a single malt please...

Rich - Bass

Rich has played in bands for ever. A well seasoned musician, he's played  all sorts on the cruise ships, toured playing Big Band and generally done his time.

Now he's a family man he's happiest playing these awesome covers a little closer to home

Here's a guy with way too many basses. There are electric basses, acoustic basses and even uprights. He surprises us every time he opens the case.

Rich uses an Ampeg BA15 combo and a choice selection of pedals.

Rich will have a Moretti please...